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Gateway Case Study

The Challenge

We were approached by Gateway and asked to help with their current marketing efforts. They needed a higher quality website with more content and one that could be viewed on customers’ growing use of mobiles and tablets. Considering that we were launching this in an economic downturn, our pricing for design and services needed to be affordable. Gateway’s services had a good reputation for quality and reliability, but their current branding did not reflect their nature of the services they offered local customers.They were called Full Spectrum Exteriors and offered great exterior and interior services and products, but branding only featured exterior. Happy customers were not featured well in the existing website that they personally worked on. Their new branding would require a new logo and business class emails for a more professional image. Part of the branding change would be simple but effective: new business cards that best reflected new services, new emails and a useful backside for appointments. One customer’s issue was that they really didn’t understand why they needed the new retracting screen doors, how they worked or why they needed these new inventions. The last challenge was that they were building a mobile display unit but needed to continue consistent branding to catch passerby traffic for a street marketing effort.

The Solution

We had several consulting and planning meetings with our client providing a marketing plan and solution to solve their issues. We started with branding conversations and discussed the nature of their business as well as looking at their services and products that they offered their customers. Once we agreed upon a new name to best reflect the real nature of their business and included interior and exterior services, It made sense once a plan was in place, to rebrand the company and start fresh. They were now called “Gateway Sunrooms and Shades” We discussed a simple icon as part of the logo that reflected the images of sunrooms, shades and blinds. We had our graphic artist do some research and our copywriter provide a good name and tagline “creating enjoyable living”. We started a modern looking website that had a bit of action to keep viewers engaged, showing two distinct sections for interior and exteriors services and products and a great looking page just for recent customer projects which featured Gateway’s most impressive projects. This new WordPress format offered a fully auto responsive theme to view well on all customer mobile phones and various tablet sizes. The new website and matching Facebook page was launched with pride and with backend SEO to make sure the new site was found by Google and Bing. Tackling the last few concerns was to provide branding for their door company to print a large roll up door for their mobile showroom that passersby could see. Last but not least, we worked on a slider explainer video with voiceover and background music to feature the new retracting screen doors. The finished production was uploaded to the website and into YouTube with SEO done so it could be found by searchers. Business has grown even in a downturn and the services we offered were within their budget.